Puerto Vallarta Weather

Puerto Vallarta lies roughly in the same latitudinal position as the Hawaiian Islands and experiences the type of weather common to the sub-tropics. This does mean that Puerto Vallarta undergoes a considerably heavy rainy season in the months of June through September, with the highest average rainfall accumulating in at just under fourteen inches in September.

This accounts for the beautifully lush jungle growth that surrounds the Puerto Vallarta area and some breathtakingly picturesque tropical storms. Tourism reaches its peak in the months of December and January when the weather is pleasantly hot and sunny, averaging about 77-80 degrees Fahrenheit with little rainfall. The weather remains quite pleasant throughout the spring, making for some very nice excursions on the beach. Moving into the summer months, particularly July and August, the weather becomes quite hot, exceeding 90 degrees Fahrenheit and is also quite humid, which can make it seem even hotter.