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Puerto Vallarta Sea Lion Encounter

While visiting the glamorous and gorgeous region of sunny, sub-tropical Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, take some time to get to know the fun and frolicsome family of sea lions that are at home in our center here. These highly intelligent animals that are full of robust energy and a spirit of comedy will delight you and you will certainly find them very intriguing as you watch them play around in our carefully controlled environment. Most of all, sea lions love people and take a particular pleasure in sporting with our guests in a variety of amusing and unexpected ways.

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Located on the picturesque shore of Banderas Bay and the Pacific Ocean, our dolphin center provides the best interactive dolphin experience available.

The center is comprised of two capacious saltwater swimming pools, each surpassing the sizes set for similar pools in the United States, Europe and other parts of Mexico. These pools have a 2 million gallon capacity and are kept extremely clean and well filtered. Adjoining a gorgeous, natural Mexican lagoon, the center is also designed to work with the extreme fluctuations of the local tide, adjusting as the water level rises and falls.

Be assured that our dolphins receive excellent care from our professional, highly trained and experienced staff. This same staff also leads tours through the center and assists in direct interactions with the dolphins. We are very sensitive to the needs of our dolphins and do not allow actions, such as foot pushing, that have been proven to cause harm to them. We hope when you come and visit us, these fabulous creatures will not only delight you, but you also learn about the value of our environment and see how passionately we care as well.

What to Bring Checklist:

Be sure to remember your bathing suit, towel and sunglasses. For the safety of the animals, please do not wear sunscreen. Also cameras will not be allowed in any of the pool areas. But don’t worry, we have a professional photographer and videographer present at all times to capture these wonderful memories.

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